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Professional, ethical and resourceful cyber recruitment

Helping companies to expand, transform and stay safe

Technical Cyber is a specialist cyber security and pen testing recruiter that matches businesses’ needs with talented professionals in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Time is

Why spend days advertising, screening and interviewing candidates for a cyber security role when you can save time and money by using the professionals to do it for you? Don’t pay a penny until your role is filled.


Security contract working provides a flexible approach to enlisting technical expertise when you need it whilst permanent employment ensures a stable long-term option to take on experts in-house.

Hack The Box Sponsors

Technical Cyber sponsor the online penetration testing labs platform, Hack The Box, dedicated to professional skills development for the cyber security and pen testing industry. 


The Technical Cyber team dedicates time to staying ahead of industry developments by attending major security expos and delivering keynote speeches.

Improving talent acquisition

With a background in finance, military and application development, Technical Cyber will work in collaboration with you to improve talent acquisition by using a targeted approach, personality profiling and industry insight. We provide tailored support to help you define role descriptions, understand skillset and set salary benchmarks.


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